Thursday, November 15, 2018

Missionheart Community Camp

We will be exploring the gift of prayer together and enjoying the usual fun and activities we have come to expect: worship and prayer, good food, youth and kids activities, beautiful community to match the scenery, and time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to slow down and be with Jesus and each other.

Cost and Payment Details:

Adults - $160

Youth - $100

Primary Aged Children - $75

Children Under 5 - free

A $20 deposit must be paid in person or by bank transfer into our account (BSB: 062913 Acc no: 1024 0272) to secure your place on camp. If paying by bank transfer, please write CAMP and your last name and first initial so we know what the payment is for and who it is from: e.g. CAMP SMITHJ. Camp fees MUST be paid in full before attending camp. If you need to enter into a payment plan please contact Jenny Foster via the office or at the Gathering.

If you would like to provide sponsorship to help those who are struggling to cover their own camp fees and/or to cover to costs of those who come to camp only to serve our community, please add an extra amount when you pay your camp fees and include a note in your comments space on the rego page or email the missionheart office to let us know.

Registration of Children:

Each adult will need to be registered separately but children may be listed under an adult's registration in the field near the end. Please make sure you list all the details for each child in the field. 

Terms and Conditions of attending camp (MUST read prior to registering):

  • I declare that I will participate in all aspects of the camp program to the best of my ability unless I seek an exemption for a good reason from the camp director.
  • I understand that activities will include worship, talks, games, community building activities, and clean up, quiet times and prayer times.
  • I declare that I will not bring any drugs or alcohol or medications that are not listed on my camp form.
  • I understand that I must list ALL medications I bring to camp in this registration and that on arrival at camp I must store ALL medications safely out of reach of children at all times (including herbal tablets and pain relief). *Some medications may need to be stored securely by camp directors
  • If I smoke I will not smoke near others or near the camp buildings.
  • I will not leave the camp site unless I get permission from the camp director
  • If I am bringing children on camp, I understand that it is my responsibility to look after them at all times with the exception of when they are participating in the kids program during input times.
  • I will come with an openness to God working in and through me during camp. 
  • I will pay for camp in full before camp (unless I have discussed a payment plan with Jenny Foster) and I understand that my deposit is non-refundable.

Event Properties

Event date: Friday 14 September 2018 5:00 PM
Event End Date: Sunday 16 September 2018 3:00 PM
Cut off date Monday 10 September 2018
Location Adventist Alpine Village, Jindabyne
We are no longer accepting registration for this event
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