Stop Hanging out in the toilet

The other week we explored the idea of focusing on things worthy of our attention, and not hanging out in the toilet. Thanks for all the feedback - to those I offended and who were able to take a stand and chose to become ex-toilet dwellers - well done, I'm proud opf you, keep it up. For those who are wondering what this ex-toilet dweller stuff is about - please let me briefly explain. Sometimes because bad stuff happenes in life we find ourselves having to deal with it (lets call it a visit to the toilet) a great problem arrises however when this becomes our focus in life - all we focus on is the crap, the unfairness, the mistakes and failures, and our wounding or loss. (Let call this toilet dwelling). Although these things need our attention they are not to be the major focus of our life, and defiately not the entire focus of life (lets see this as staying in the toilet and playing in it. This is not healthy living - flush and get out - who wants to shake hands with the toilet dweller?). Philipians 4 tells us to focus on things worthy of our honour and praise. Yes we face problems and pain and need to visit the toilet, sorry for dragging out the allegory, but we are not the some total of our mistakes and failures or of our pain and loss. We were created for greatness and fearfully and wonderfully made. There are things to celebrate, things worthy of giving our lives to, people needing to know of the hope and love and kingdom of our forever king - Jesus... What are you investing your life in? Don't be a toilet dweller. Get up, press the flush button, wash your hands and step out into what you were made for, enjoy being who you really are - it is good - how do I know? Well as an ex-toilet dweller let me say life is better out here - I spend the minimum time necessary in the toilet and the maximum time I can elsewhere. Your are fearfully and wonderfully made, created for good works, life and joy. If you don't believe me - ask God... I dare you!