I believe that this is the word that God gave me recently. Simple, confronting, challenging, liberating and hopeful. A one word (three letter word) message from God.

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Trusting in God! is developed in the valley, the grief, the struggle, the pain, and God's consistent and faithful presence and help in the midst of it, through it all.

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Wise or Foolish?

I want to be wise. I have seen the outcome of many people's life choices. Some truly wise and some truly foolish. My own life can give example to either. I've sat visiting our friends in AMC (a nice name for jail), I've celebrated weddings, grieved over divorces, watched people lose all to addictions, I've seen incredible generosity, lost people we love to suicide, seen people fight to stay alive. Seen people waste grand amounts of money and others steward it in ways that are to be admired. It is easy to watch others and discern when wisdom and foolishness are being modeled. It is not always so easy to see it in the mirror...

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