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Celebrating Jesus!

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This Easter, I find myself loving and feeling challenged to the core by the story of the young Moravian missionaries who sold themselves into slavery so that they could bring the good news of Jesus to a people that were inaccessible to usual missional endeavours… It is a story worth the read that will challenge one’s faith and commitment to Christ and his beautiful gospel to the core.

One parting phrase of the young men leaving the comfort of their lives for good to incarnate (personally embody) the good news of Jesus by becoming one with a people enslaved and mistreated became a Moravian missional catchcry – “may the lamb that was slain receive the reward of his suffering.” Whether they quoted another or created the saying themselves, it is worthy of our attention and for us to pause, to stop and think upon.

The scriptures tell of Jesus, the lamb of God and all that his life, death and resurrection has done and is doing and will do…

When I think of this statement I think of the many hours and much energy I have spent trying to be good enough for God and his reward for myself and for others. Striving in faith as if it were something I could earn, when in reality whether I deserve it or not has naught to do with this reward – it is Christ’s reward – he alone earnt it and He most truly deserves it. Salvation in all its manifestations, our experiencing the love of God, healing by his wounds, deliverance, Joy and peace, the binding of the broken heart, reconciliation with God, others ourselves and the rest of creation. Being with him forever. Being a people who worship Him in spirit and in truth, victory over sin and death. All this and more are his reward, due him by his great sacrifice. We are the blessed who get to enjoy with him his great reward by simply responding to his invitation to trust, believe, follow and enjoy with him the benefits and pleasures of his kingdom, his victory and his reign.

There is a work to do – believe in Jesus (John 6:29). This believing is not a subscription to a way to think but is expressed in a way of living… Trusting and obeying God because one believes in Jesus. Yes there is work and at time challenging, painful and difficult work indeed but it is empowered by the same power that worked in Jesus and it is not a work done to earn reward or favour but a work spilling from the reward and favour Jesus shares with us, His reward, our benefit, other’s blessing.

May the lamb that was slain receive the reward of his suffering, in me and in you and in our families and communities of faith and in the lives of those we share the good news of Jesus with, may our hope and confidence move from us and our spiritual work to him and his great work. May we be emboldened by the example these young Moravians and the truth of the Gospel of Christ to also incarnate (personally embody) the Good news of Jesus in the places and spaces we find ourselves (where he puts us) with the help of his spirit. Let us, Pray, live act, speak and love with our confidence in Christ Jesus not us.

Love and Joy, peace and power to you as you remember Jesus this Easter, and maybe sample some chocolates and enjoy the company of others, continuing in the call to be Jesus to the people…

Love and prayers,

Jase, Kelly and the leadership community

John 3:14-21