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Preparing for the Coming Move of God

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I believe that the coming move of God will be a mass of people living like, and for, Jesus (not just a few bright lights)…

This proclamation is nothing new to those that have been walking with us over the last 10 plus years yet it seems that now it is time, more than ever, to prepare for this if we are to participate in it. I for one want to be a part of the coming move of God and it is my deep desire that my people will also.

The different spaces and places we find ourselves in – perhaps more accurately, God has deliberately placed us in for such a time as this – in conjunction with the unique gift each person is (especially in their simply being them and also in its expression in the things said and done), come together to create opportunity after opportunity for the love of Jesus and for the power of heaven to again show the world that God is, and that he loves, and that he is able and good! And that his ways are higher, better and more beautiful than ours.

There is a message of hope to a people living in great darkness that God so loves them. As He has sent Jesus, he sends us. You and I are the skilfully and deliberately designed instruments made to model and give expression of his love and compassion, one mode of communication of the good news of Jesus the promised and anointed one – the hope of the nations. We are designed to be the example of his character and nature and his kingdom. That people may see it, hear it and ultimately believe and experience it, that they may Taste and see that the Lord is GOOD! One of us engaging life in this manner may sound out a beautiful melody, but together a mass of us will be a symphony of harmony and wonder singing out the mystery of God’s wonderful plan and grace, beauty and power.   

In John 16:8 the scriptures say that the Holy Spirit convicts of sin, and the church is (and should be might I say) excellent in this. Sin blocks communion and connection with God and limits our experience and expression of intimate and joyful fellowship with God. May he grant us a spirit of repentance that we’d come to our senses and escape the devils trap and be free to live life to the full in intimacy with Jesus. There is, however, another assertion in that same scripture that I suggest holds more weight – that being that the Holy Spirit will not only convict the world of sin but will convict of righteousness. This is where we want to be majoring as believers in our faith exploration and expression. Jesus modelled the righteousness of God and our lives are designed to model this also – not the depravity of sin. Philippians says to focus our attention on what is noble and pure and worthy of praise – may our lives, like Jesus and by the power of His Spirit, model what is worthy and beautiful. Then the world will see the righteousness of God and the heavens will be shown the wisdom of God… Imagine for a moment that Christ’s church was filled with people all living this way.

So – Shine! ‘let your light so shine before all people [in the spaces and places he has put you – at school, sport, work, in shops, on the road, at home in church – wherever you find yourself] that they may see your good works and glorify your father in heaven.’

“Lord Jesus give eyes to see as you see, hearts that beat as one with yours and let the light of Christ shine in our lives.”

You are God’s gift to the world around you – draw near to Jesus, and by his power at work in you:  Be the gift of God you are. God so loved the people around you that he gave them you – that they may know and experience God, his love and his kingdom. It is not in striving but in sweet fellowship with Jesus that we can be this gift.

And… remember Jesus’ promise that as you go and tell and disciple that he will be with you – no one can take that from you – not now, not ever!

Love, joy, peace and power,

Jase and the Missionheart crew