What We Do

Missionheart has to be experienced to enjoy its richness and flavour. 

Central to who we are and what we do are our people, each one unique and special to God. If you come along to anything we do you will meet a wide range of characters who welcome you with a smile. We all come from a history that has shaped us into who we are today. Some have had a hard start in life and have suffered much abuse and neglect, have turned to a life of crime or drugs, have struggled with trauma and fallen into a world of mental illness, have had no place to lay down at night in safety, no place to call their own. Somehow God has brought us all together and we are the people of Missionheart. 

All of us a bit vulnerable, all of us loved by God.

A Day in the Life of Missionheart

There is no typical day at Missionheart. We never know who God might bring along. We are prepared to meet everyone and anyone, knowing that it might be the first or last time we see them. We make the most of every opportunity to share Jesus with those who will listen. 

From our Sunday Gathering to our weekly drop-ins, all are welcome. Some come ready and expectant to experience God in our midst, others come to check it out and others come because they are spiritually and physically hungry. We try to meet people where their need is, but gently lead them on a journey closer to Jesus. So a typical day might see us: on the phone arranging extra support for a struggling friend; visiting the hospital, jail or homes; walking the streets meeting new friends as we go; making “good” coffee for our homeless friends; giving out swags, blankets and food; accompanying our friends to appointments to housing or Centrelink; reading the Bible with someone who can’t read; praying with a woman who has had her child taken from her; singing and worshipping Jesus; listening to teaching that inspires us to be Jesus’ hands and feet in the city. No two days are the same, but each comes with its own blessings and challenges.

G05 Kitchen


If you are looking to have a bit of time out or need a good sandwich, drop-in is the place to be.

The Gathering


Every week at 11am on Sunday, the Missionheart community meets under a tree in Glebe Park in the heart of Canberra.


Small Groups

As relationships are our key focus these groups involve growing closer to Jesus and each other.



The kids don’t miss out on anything, they have the most fun out of all of us.

Young Adults

Young Adults

Our young adults meet fortnightly for a Bible study and to eat, pray, and encourage each other.

Women of Missionheart (2)

Women of Missionheart

The Women of Missionheart meet regularly for encouragement, to grow friendships, and enjoy good food.

Kenya well

Kenyan Connection

Missionheart supports churches established in rural and slum areas of Kenya.



Missionhouse aims to create an established Christian community that welcomes those who are broken and lost and helps them find freedom and wholeness.