The Gathering

Every week at 11am on Sunday, the Missionheart community meets under a tree in Glebe Park in the heart of Canberra. There are people of all ages, from babies to those in their 80’s. Each week is different, but there are some common elements to all of the Gatherings. When we get together, we worship God, focusing on Him and what He has done. There are opportunities to share what God has been teaching us and doing in our lives. Most weeks we have fun activities that get us thinking. There is usually teaching from God’s word and there’s always a chance to pray with someone or to receive prayer.

After we’ve finished under the tree, we get together near the barbecues and picnic tables at the southern end of the park for lunch. Some weeks we are blessed by generous volunteers from a number of churches throughout Canberra who provide good food and company for our core community and all our friends who show up for a meal. As we eat, there are plenty more chances to get to know people as we share and encourage each other.

Whoever you are and whatever your situation, you are welcome to join us.

Sundays 11am Glebe Park