The aim of Missionhouse is to intentionally create an established Christian community that welcomes those who are broken and lost and helps them to find freedom and wholeness.


About Missionhouse

Missionhouse exists for the last, the least, the lost and the lonely to find relationship, renewal, restoration and reconciliation to God in an established loving community where they can belong and contribute. Missionhouse aims to provide opportunities to; find freedom from addiction and illness, develop life skills, train for future employment, be spiritually nurtured, and to grow in relationship with God and others. This will be provided through a practical program with a structure using natural rhythms, personal and community time, in close relationship with Jesus and others which enables growth to live life to its fullest, becoming more of the people we were created to be.

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Providing more holistically for the needs of Missionheart’s most vulnerable friends has been a dream of the community for many years. However, it was only in early 2017 that the Missionhouse Action Team was formed to pursue this dream. This team has been meeting regularly to pray and seek financial provision for the initiative, gather interested team members, raise awareness in the wider community and to document the intended mission and culture of Missionhouse. The following information has been developed as a team to help others understand Missionheart’s hopes and dreams for Missionhouse and provide a framework of operation that enables all to feel safe and confident that Missionhouse will fulfil all it was created to be.


  • To grow a committed team to form an established Christian community that lives and works together.
  • To welcome people who have experienced hardship that threatens homelessness and isolation.
  • To provide a home and loving community that welcomes and supports people in need.
  • To provide a structured program to assist people to overcome their difficulties.To see people restored and reconciled to God and to their key relationships.
  • To see people return to their lives free and whole and able to contribute to their families and community.
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The Culture of Missionhouse

All people will be given the opportunity to meet Jesus, leave behind brokenness and be made new. There will be a core community already established who are committed to Jesus and each other, doing life together as we welcome our friends who need extra love and support through difficult seasons of their lives. Missionhouse is more than four walls and a roof. It is bigger than a house. It is a community. More than that, it is a community that is unapologetically Jesus focussed in its outlook, ethos and culture; a community committed to serving, growing, learning and listening.

Pillars of Missionhouse

The Pillars of Missionhouse explain Missionhouse’s core values and intentions.


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